Dar Ahlam


A place with no one else around…


Dar Ahlam is a traditional kasbah created by Thierry Teyssier on the edge of the Moroccan desert near Ouarzazate in the Skoura palm grove. 

No two days are the same here. 

Every moment is carefully orchestrated to turn an imagined paradise into reality.

Every hour of every day has a story to tell that you can pluck from the air or let slip by as you live at your own pace, as if in a dream that lingers on after you awake.

The decor is a harmonious blend of seasonally inspired colours, materials and fabrics that are renewed twice a year allowing each of your visits to become an exquisite experience where you will discover an endlessly re-invented mystery.

Like some kind of fantastic illusion, Dar Ahlam leaves you with memories which prove that life offers occasions that are even more beautiful than dreams. 


This House of Dreams, set in a Garden of Eden with a swimming pool in amongst the palm trees, boasts 14 suites.

From 1 150 € per night for two guests in All Inclusive package.


For Dar Ahlam 15 anniversary,

15 exceptional week-ends

in 2017.

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special week-ends