Thierry Teyssier: the dreamweaver!


Just by looking at him fidgeting in his chair during today’s interview, waving his hands in the air, playing with the tea service on the table, perpetually in movement like many creators, cutting the little cakes and sweet treats delicately laid out before us into equal portions with his knife, you know that here you have a man for whom thinking outside the box and always going that bit further is as necessary to him as the air he breathes. This man, who stepped out of the theatrical spotlights into a current of creative, all-embracing energy, exudes this amazing humanity and warmth that is at the heart of all his projects.


Just by listening to him tell his story it all becomes clear. This actor who trod the boards from an early age before supporting the talents of others and setting up his own theatre company, followed by an events management agency called, unsurprisingly, Lever de Rideau (Curtain Raiser), has been a well-known figure in both France and abroad for over 20 years!


With Thierry Teyssier, you really start to believe in wonderful stories and fairy tales. There’s no other way to describe this adventure, or rather adventures, which began in 2002 with the first property that he created to host his ever-grander dreams and his ever-growing number of customers who clamoured to live those dreams. Rather than one of the impersonal soulless hotels that he too often found himself in on his many travels, he created a house unlike any other, a House of Dreams, or Dar Ahlam in Arabic. This was followed by a second house, Romaneira, created between 2007 and 2012 and then a third, temporary this time, in 2014, a year that marked the fifth anniversary of this man’s other successful venture, his Pâtisserie Houses that were then a brand new cake shop concept with a delicious sounding name: Pâtisseries des Rêves (Cake shop of dreams).


It’s surprising how quickly you are infected by his enthusiasm, his endless capacity to give free rein to his dreams, his tendency to be surprised by everything and his ability to concoct new emotions while retaining a certain nostalgia for the past. All this added to his determination to make each of his adventures beyond excellent, this insistence on the simplicity of living one’s emotions, ensuring that no one day resembles another, imagining pleasure and indulgence in every single thing and making every single moment magical. You believe in what he believes in because you have been lucky enough to experience the unparalleled elegance of his extraordinary places, his dreamlike properties, for an hour, a day or longer, these enchanting interludes capable of stimulating even the most blasé of travellers or the most demanding foodie in settings that range from a rammed earth palace to a collector’s house, a nomad camp here or a boat there, places that are full of history in the broadest sense as well as very personal stories but which always have the same spirit and coherence.

It’s impossible not to be captivated by these theatrical creations even in the patisseries that are a visual delight for adults and children alike with their merry-go-round of glass domes displaying new takes on traditional cakes. It’s equally impossible not to be thrilled by the promise that every experience will be more extraordinary than the last and every day will be different in these houses without keys, telephones or a reception desk.

But the man himself remains decidedly modest, almost apologetic about making his customers so happy and about the many stars and praises that have rained down on his endeavours from the Robb Report, Andrew Harper, Relais & Châteaux and Virtuoso for his hotels to the Prix Talent du Luxe et de la Création for his patisseries. Such is the prerogative of a man who is after all just a man like any other, well almost, passionate about cooking and interior design, a holiday organiser and dreamweaver, a person of immense good taste, a perfectionist, but most of all a tireless explorer of cultures and staunch believer in the encounter with otherness. 


You’re left in no doubt that he belongs to a circle, still unfortunately too restricted, of those who cannot imagine talent and success without the idea of sharing it with others. It couldn’t be any other way for Thierry Teyssier as he has certainly made a point over the years of surrounding himself with other great dreamers and idealists like Pierre Hermé, Louis Benech, Olivia Giacobetti and Yann Kersalé in his houses and Philippe Conticini in his patisseries… 


(Feature by Mr Tripper)