Responsible, locavore cuisine


    • Terroir and traditions

      We use local and regional produce from the souk that is representative of local producers and regional produce.

      We create original recipes that showcase local and traditional farming methods (Alfalfa bakoula, pomegranate vinegar, date caramel, Amlou, tall herb grass honey, etc.).


    • The vegetable garden

We grow seasonal local produce on site.

We also grow difficult to source produce (herb garden, different tomato varieties, beetroot and carrots, amongst others).


    • Charity work and support for the local community

Our cuisine uses produce from women’s associations in nearby villages (a goats’ cheese or argan oil cooperative).

We have developed a micro-credit system to involve local breeders in the implementation of a quality, environmentally responsible animal rearing process, to raise awareness and help promote the quality of produce used at Dar Ahlam (for example, chickens and lamb).