Our culinary experience


    • Our philosophy

      Each meal is served in a different place and setting especially created for you: a one thousand and one nights dinner in the Nomad lounge, lunch in an idyllic garden setting...

      There’s no menu here, as each dish is individually created from our collection of flavours.

      Take your taste buds on a journey through traditional, authentic, gourmet, fusion and contemporary cuisine that is designed to bring out the very best in natural produce, a clever blend of original dishes and unusual flavours.


    • Compiling a collection of flavours based on recipes created by chefs

450 recipes compiled over the years and classified according to produce groups. Each recipe has its story to tell.

All created by chefs from a variety of culinary backgrounds and spheres: 

Pierre Hermé, Frédérick Grasser Hermé, Frédéric Eyrier, Cédric Nieuvarts and Thierry Alix, to name but a few.


    • Organic cuisine in keeping with today's environmental concerns

Seasonal menus of predominantly vegetarian or healthy cuisine.