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Route du Sud


'From here to Timbuktu.' Well, almost.


Our serendipitous discovery of Morocco’s southern extremes sparked this exhilarating five-stage expedition along vast, remote stretches known only to a very few. Valleys lush with argan bushes, ochre Atlantic coast cliffs, sculptural outcroppings of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and sun scorched flatlands dappled with palm oases lead to our encampment among the vast dunes of the Sahara, and finally home to Dar Ahlam.


Only one booking at a time, of up to six guests, traverses this evocative, constantly shifting North African landscape. Each custom-equipped 4x4 vehicle carries two passengers and the driver. Your family or group of friends is attended to by one of our highly trained butlers throughout the journey.


We also travel with French chef Thierry Alix’s recipes that reflect the rich culinary heritage along the route, as do pastries and desserts by unrivaled patissier Pierre Hermé. Meals are served with distinguished regional wines, and each evening we open the bar for you, to accompany Morocco’s ravishing sunsets.


Artisans from around the region constructed these three bedroom maisons des rêves solely for guests of the Route du Sud. Each gracefully reflects its timeless setting yet makes present-day adventurers feel utterly comfortable among these distant yet beguiling lands.